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Say "I Do" with Durango Family Photography

Engagements & Weddings


Say "I do" with Durango Family Photography

Engagements & Weddings

Every wedding is different and unique.  Whether you're looking for a photographer to document your elopement or are looking for a team that can provide multiple photographers and video service, we've got you covered.


say "i do" with Durango Family Photography!

Our clients have described our style as romantic, classic, modern, and FUN!  We are based in Durango, Colorado and we are available for world-wide travel .  Our cameras have given us the opportunity to serve clients in some of the world's most beautiful destinations beyond our own Southwest Colorado backyard, and we are always excited and thankful for the opportunity to travel to your destination wedding location.  

Every couple has different expectations pertaining to their wedding photo needs, and it seems like almost every call we get involves a lucky couple who wants to do things just a little bit different then the norm.  If this sounds like you, we'd love to sit down with you and grab a cup of coffee and talk about what you envision for your perfect day.  Regardless of how traditional (or not) you want your wedding to be, please know that we offer the ability to offer our services to you at scale for your needs.  Small elopement off the side of a mountain?  Done.  Need two photographers + Video at your 200+ event for your engagement + rehearsal + Wedding? No sweat.

For couples who have allocated more time to plan for their wedding... we highly recommend getting engagement photos or participate in a bridal shoot.  Sure, they're fun, and you capture some great memories... but they are also a great opportunity to get used to working with your photographer.  Even better, these photos are a great way to incorporate "save the date" and wedding invitation announcements.  If you want to really plan ahead, we can also use this time to create your "thank you" cards and tie it all in together.  Best of all... many of our packages include your choice of a engagement photos or a bridal shoot as a free gift.

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I love a good wedding... but my favorite of all are elopements.  Durango has so many couples who travel here wanting to say "I do" in a small, intimate setting with (maybe) just a few select best friends and family present.  We define an elopement as having 10 or less people, and they can be seriously AMAZING.  Couples who are eloping might be doing it with a very well-defined pre-formulated plan; or they may doing it totally spontaneously and are in need some good photos to send off to everyone who couldn't be there on their special day. I think the thing that I like the most about elopements is that the day really is focused more on the couples, their bond, and their love without a lot of the pomp-and-circumstance in the way.  There is way less drama, less moving parts, and I get to be a part of your day in a fun, non-invasive way.  I've shot more elopements than I can count, and they're totally my fav.

Our elopement packages start at $499; and we have a 1-day turn around time so that you can publish your news to Facebook (or wherever) immediately.


Everything in-Between + Full Service Weddings

You might have just read about how I <3 elopements... and I totally do.  BUT don't let that dissuade you from contacting me about your ceremony if you're NOT planning to elope!  The reality is that I love showing off your connection as a couple.  In order to capture the real you, I need to get to know you first. I want to become your friend and give you an experience, not just take pretty pictures.  

As a team, Aimee and I have worked on several weddings and we each bring forth our own unique different energy and chemistry to you as we photograph you, which is awesome because it helps you and your fiance to get so many different looks.  You will work with us both 1-on-1 (just Aimee or just Gary) and with us as a team (both Aimee and Gary at the same time).

Starting in 2018, we are also expanding to be able to offer video services to our 

Due to the custom nature of weddings and our clients' specific needs, our prices vary and are provided after we have consulted with you.  Our base price for most wedding packages begins around $1800.