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Calling #ClassOf2019!

The search starts NOW!! Are you ready to STAND-OUT and join the most sought-after Senior Model Crew in the Four Corners?! I'll be looking for the TOP 30 (or less) great Senior modeling talents in the Durango, Bayfield, Pagosa, Ignacio, and Farmington area to add to the #dfpREPS Program to represent Gary VanDenBerg and the Durango Family Photography Team! 

The earlier you apply, the better! If you're currently in the Class of 2019, love traveling around the country, modeling the latest fashion-lines from local boutiques, meeting new people and just love having fun in front of the camera, this team is for you!

A unique approach for unique clients

I'm a little different -- but in a good way.  My clients seriously tell me daily how much they appreciate the way that my senior sessions are different from the traditional photographer model.  I keep thinking about switching and doing things the traditional way (it's a lot more profitable), but honestly, I get SO MUCH positive feedback from my clients, that I just can't justify changing it -- at least not this year.

Here's how most photographers work:  You schedule a shoot, they may or may not have a pre-consultation with you.  On shoot day, after your hair and makeup is done, you and your photographer shoot your session.  After your session (this is where I get different) your photographer goes back to their studio and deletes (aka "culls") the photos that they don't want you to see or that they think you'll not enjoy.  They then run some light mass editing on the photos that remain, and invite you to come in and pick out the photos that you want to keep (aka "buy").  You're stuck paying boutique prices for prints, and if you want the digital copies,  your momma or daddy better be packing some serious cash in that wallet.

There are three ways my service is different. Click on each to find out more!
I don't cull galleries.  
(2) I let you pick and give direction as to what photos we edit.  
(3)  We offer options to keep all of your photos!

More than just pics

Without question, there is NO other photographer who offers an experience like what our clients get with Durango Family Photography.  Here's just a small sample of what we've offered to our clients in the past three years:

  • Destination trips to Las Vegas, Nevada; Kona, Hawaii; and Seattle, Washington (#dfpREPS only)
  • Micro-Destination trips to Ouray, Colorado; Shiprock, New Mexico; Moab, Utah; Pagosa Springs, Colorado; Telluride, Colorado and Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Modeling at workshops with some of the BEST photographers in the nation including: John Pyle, Louise & Jeremy Ungerman, Tinajayne Bosland, J Tori, and others. (#dfpREPS only)
  • We have hosted and invited other photographers from around the country to come shoot our reps at our annual couture event. (#dfpREPS only)
  • An app filled with 40 of your favorite photos to be able to share on your phone. (All Clients)
  • The option to choose and give direction as to which photos you want edited (All Clients)
  • Play sports?  If we are available, we'll head to at least one of your home games and photograph you and your team in action!  You get to keep the photos of you for free!
  • Participate in other activities like Rodeo, Fair, Mountain Biking, etc.?  I'll shoot that for you too (again, subject to our availability)!
  • Free Cap-and-Gown Session before Graduation
  • Free Prom Pics
  • Our VIP Clients get access to their choice of the following add-ons at NO CHARGE:
    A free 1-Hour BFF/Family/"Sportrait" Session, 
    OR Free Hair & Makeup,
    OR A $100 Print Credit with our Premiere Photo Lab
  • Our ICON Clients get everything our VIP Clients get PLUS:
    A $350 print credit,
    AND... A Flower Crown Session or Free Hair & Makeup or A free Haircut (1 week before your session) and Straight-Razor Shave (the day of your session) from the Bookcase and Barber (for the guys)
    AND... A 1-Hour Specialty Session (BFF/Family/Sportraits, etc.)
    AND... Twice the shooting time (8 Hours), broken up into separate days (Get photos for every season!)
    AND... High Resolution Copies of your Photos along with a Print Release (save literally thousands of dollars not having to pay boutique prices for your pics!)