Time to rock your RED, WHITE & Blue!

Bring your friends to any one of the following shoots!  Let Gary know which one you (and your friend) are coming to!

Everything from Cowboy boots and Cutoff Jeans to Vintage Americana is appropriate for this shoot.  Leave anything (anything) firework related at home though.  No pop-confetti, no black cats, etc.  Serious.

For the Americana shoots, you are responsible for your own Makeup and Hair (MUAH).


8:45 AM - 11:00 AM, June 19th. 

It takes 45 minutes to get to molas pass from Durango.  Potentially even longer due to fires.  This location is subject to change based upon the current 416 Fire just north of Durango, CO.  The Molas Lake Recreation area currently IS OPEN (as of June 14th)  and available to the public.  We will meet at the Molas Pass Summit at 8:45 AM.  From there, we will Caravan down to the spot I would like to shoot at.  Please show up on-time.  We will not wait long for people who are not at the Summit parking lot by 8:45 AM.  Note: Status quo, Hwy 550 is open via police escort from 8 AM to 8 PM.


6:30 - 9:00 PM, June 19th.
6:30 - 8:00 PM June 22nd.

Just off of CR 304, Pastorius Lake is STUNNING, and has gorgeous sunsets, Silo's, old Fences, Meadows, Lake and Mountain Views.    It's a great spot, and you don't have to wake up early!

Currently, Pastorius IS OPEN to the community.


Our Couture Shoot is going to take place in the Bisti Badlands.
Wear an elegant dress, or your prom dress!


June 20 OR June 21st:

Here's the "bad" in "badlands":

Please note that this is going to be a long day.  You need to bring snacks, water, good walking shoes, and a good attitude.  If you have someone who is giving you a ride, they also need to plan on being there for the long-haul.  This can easily be a long, dramatic day, or it can fly-by.  Everyone will have their moment to shine in front of both my and Tinajayne's camera, and you'll also have downtimes where you're not in the spotlight and need to entertain yourself.  We'll have a Shady Tent available so you're not in the Sun all day long.

Important to note: There are NO facilities at Bisti.  Use the bathroom before you come, eat before you come.  I'll have a shovel and toilet paper if you need to embark on a "creative project" personally. (That's the first, and the last time I'll refer to going to the bathroom as a "creative project")!

There is a two mile hike in, and we are reserving a 2 hour time block for the excursion.  There are some cool things to see along the way, and I've learned a lot about the geography while researching the land and I will be able to teach you a few things along the way.  The walk, albeit 2 miles, is flat, easy, and not sandy.  That being said, wear good quality shoes.  Do not come wearing your dress. You can also change into your fancy shoes later.  Again, you'll want to change into your dress only after we've completed the hike in.

Here's why you'll want to call it the "Goodlands"

For all that "bad" there is so much more GOOD that is going to come out of this!  I KNOW the images are going to be AMAZING, and Tinajayne and I have been dreaming about shooting here since I proposed the idea late last year.  You're also doing something that NO ONE has ever done before.  There are a few portraits that have been taken as the Bisti by other photographers, but never on this level, and frankly, none of the ones I have seen have been too impressive.  I've traveled out to the location a handful of times, I've surveyed the light  and I'm absolutely confident that we're going to complete something that is truly EPIC.  Remember, to get EPIC photos, you have to sometimes go to EPIC lengths.  I have a reputation of doing some pretty extreme things (sundresses in 18 degree weather, making my models shoot until 3 AM on Fremont street in downtown Las Vegas, hiking a volcano in Kona, Hawaii -- the one that is currently blowing up!).  For you guys -- this will be no different!

What you need

  • Sunscreen --
    Protect your face, especially on the walk! When we arrive to the spot, you'll be greeted by Tinajayne and also by Faith, who will be doing makeup for us.
  • An umbrella or parasol --
    Again, we don't want you to get burned, especially in-between shoots.  Just the reflection from the white clay of the ground will be throwing lots of UV Rays your way.
  • Your fancy dress --
    You don't HAVE to wear your prom dress, but we recommend it.  Anything that is elegant, classy, and well, couture.  If you want to go for a more editorial spin on it and do something kinda Sci-Fi, we're also down for that.  Bisti looks like an Alien Landscape, and we could make you look like a inter-gallactic goddess if you prefer!
  • Your dress shoes --
    Note: You'll be changing in and out of your dress shoes all day.  Your shoes really help to complete the look, and it is critical you don't slack on bringing the right shoes.
  • Water --
    To Hydrate.  Serious. Bring lots and lots of water.
  • Snacks --
    To Keep from getting "hangry"!
  • A blanket you can sit on
    Sorry, I can't be hauling in chairs.  Carts, etc. are not allowed on the BLM property, otherwise I would totally do it for you guys.  We will also use extra blankets to further enhance our shade canopy, and "changing room".
  • Makeup: Your own foundation (and maybe more) --
    Our MUA (makeup artist) will be providing a couture makeup look for you.  If you want to use only YOUR eyeliner or mascara, then bring that along as well.  Please note that Faith does amazing set design and makeup for us, but she is NOT a licensed cosmetologist.  Use of her services is completely voluntary.
  • Whatever Props You Want --
    Sometimes props can totally enhance a shoot.  A scarf blowing in the wind; sunglasses; your umbrella or parasol, perhaps a Chinese Hand-Fan?  Use your best judgement.
  • A small flashlight or headlamp --
    For the walk back to the parking lot.  It will not be completely dark, on our walk, but I'd rather be safe than sorry and ensure we have everything we need.

Where to go:

There are a couple different points of entry into the Bisti.  If you are going to use your maps feature on your phone to navigate there, type the following address into your Google Maps destination address:

36.25915, -108.25179

Clicking Here might work for your navigation!

If you are going through Aztec, you need to allocate 2 hours of travel time, and should leave Durango by noon (see itinerary below). You can save some time by going through Wild Cat Canyon Road.


2:00 Arrive and Hike
Arrive to Bisti Badlands Parking lot.  It will not be impressive or glorious... yet!  Gary will greet you and guide you on the journey to the shoot.

3:00 MUAH
Arrive via 2 mile walk to the destination.  You will be greeted by Tinajayne and Faith to our welcome center tent.  Check in with Faith, and the process for hair and makeup should begin.  Please note that we have no access to power (other than for our flashes) and if you want your hair curled you should do that in advance, and hair spray or clip accordingly to accommodate for a relatively long walk in high temperatures.  Faith is also AMAZING at braiding and she is happy to help you with this if needed, but only AFTER everyone's Hair and Makeup is complete.

4:00 - 8:30 SHOOT TIME!!!
We're gonna make you look like rock stars!  Tinajayne and I sometimes split up, sometimes we shoot together, sometimes we'll rotate through individuals, and sometimes we'll do group stuff.  Our workflow together is pretty special to be a part of and we can't wait to get you all in front of our glass!

8:30 - 9:30 Walking Back to Cars

9:30 - 11:30 Drive back Home.


As you can see... this is a long day planned when you factor in drive time and hike time.  But it is totally going to be worth it!!!



Google Earth is an AMAZING app that I highly recommend for the area.  Although there is no cell phone service (at least with Sprint), GPS signals are still acquired on your phones, and are combined with Google Earth, it works really well.

Our camp is going to be stationed at the following address:

 36°16'0.45"N  108°13'10.90"W

   cray cray

Here is a visual of the calendar!  Please note that Thursday is EXACTLY LIKE Wednesday.  The Couture days will be long.

Let me know which Americana Shoot and Which couture shoot you plan on attending!

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Pick your Americana Shoot: *
Let Gary and Tinajayne know which Americana event you plan on attending! Please note that Molas Pass Tuesday morning location is subejct to change depending upon 416 Fire Conditions.
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Let Gary and Tinajayne know which Couture event you're planning on attending.
Ride-Share Opportunities
We highly, highly, highly encourage you to carpool as much as possible. Can you help people with a ride? Do you need a ride?
If you can't attend a shoot, or just have notes, comments, or questions... this is a great place to leave us more details or request more details.