Custom Payments

Custom Payments


If Gary or Aimee has quoted you a price that is different from the norm, and you need to pay online instead of over the phone, we ask for you to use this method of payment.  All of our quotes are to the nearest dollar.  Customize the amount you want to pay by adjusting the quantity of $1.00 Units when you check out!

Pay for your session!

If you have been quoted a unique price by Gary or Aimee, you can pay for your session online by choosing custom payments, and then match the quantity to be equal to the number of dollars you need to pay for your session.

For example: If we quoted you a service that was $27.00 you would choose a quantity of 27 when checking out!

We always will quote to an even dollar amount, and you will therefore never need to worry about paying cents (like $0.99, $.50 etc).