Durango's Premire Photography Studio

Step 1:
Contact Us

2929 Main Ave, A-2
Durango, CO 81301


Let us know that you're interested in our services and fill out our contact form.  You can also book your session or consultation with us below!


Step 2: Plan


Let's Plan Your Session!

We will meet to talk (either in person or over the phone) about the important elements for you and your photo shoot.  We'll plan for your big day and depending upon your needs, we might even create a formal story board.  By planning your session in advance, we are able to ensure that you are comfortable on your session and that we get all of the shots that are important to you (and your party, if applicable).  If you're stumped for ideas, NO PROBLEM!  We will share with you our artistic vision to get your buy-off on the ideas that we have.  Likewise, if you have a vision for what you'd like for your photos to look like, we are NOT tied to any artistic agenda, and can provide our clients with a variety of options related to location, lighting technique, color scheme, etc.

One great tool for finding inspiration is Pinterest.  Click here to open Pinterest in a new window, and search for some ideas related to your photo shoot.



Step 3: The Shoot


On shoot day...

Having planned your shoot in advance, we will meet at our agreed upon location at the time your shoot is to begin.  Get good rest the night before your session, and be sure to bring snacks if you are going to be in a shoot that is longer than two hours.  Bring plenty of water, and makeup to retouchup, just in case you need it along the way.  We have lots of other tips and we CAN'T WAIT to photograph you!

IF, on shoot day, the weather isn't cooperating, or you are sick and have to reschedule, we will happily reschedule your session to our next available time slot within 12 months from the original date of your session.  Session fees are non-refundable unless, under some very unforseen circumstance, we are sick and are not able to attend your session.




Step 5: Print

enjoy your photos for a lifetime

Within 4  to 6 weeks after you've selected your photos for printing, we will edit them to your desired specifications.  Our print process is conducted by craftsmen who have years of experience producing amazing photos that are archive quality and will last longer than a lifetime.  If you chose a wall cluster and need help hanging your photos, let us know -- we are happy to help!