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Maternity & Newborn


Maternity & Newborn

Your journey to becoming a parent is a story worth remembering. Both Maternity and Newborn photography sessions are deeply important and personal sessions that require a lot of communication between you (our clients) and us (your photographer).  The energy and feel that can be communicated through either of these sessions can widely vary, and it is important for us to know how you want that story to be told.  For some, your session might involve lots of props and poses and might communicate the joy that you and your family are feeling.  For others, they want their photos to be more intimate, personal and "raw" feeling.  Aimee and Gary want to help you document that story, regardless of how you want your (and your baby's) story to be told.  We take this role seriously, and have extensive training and experience working with families who are expecting, or who have just had a baby.  This is a special time that you can never get back, and -- particularly with Newborns, the changes that happen DAILY are moments that you'll want to document and treasure for a lifetime.  We are able to accommodate Maternity and Newborn sessions anywhere you prefer.  We can come shoot within the comfort of your home and perform more of a  lifestyle format shoot, or we can host you in our studio.  Starting in 2018, Aimee will also be offering "Fresh 48" sessions, which are geared towards families who would like to have their photo shoot performed within the first 2 days of giving birth.  These sessions typically involve shooting within the hospital or your home.  Please note: we will NOT perform a "Fresh 48" Session without having planned and consulted with you in advance.

We typically recommend Maternity photos to be taken on the early side of anywhere from 30-36 weeks while your belly has reached its full shape.  Newborn photos should be taken no later than 14 days.  There are advantages to taking your photos sooner than later: More time to enjoy them (before your little one steals the show!) and you are almost guaranteed to be more comfortable the earlier you take them.  Of course, everyone's body and pregnancy is different... so don't feel like these are requirements.


Maternity Photos and Baby Arrival Notices

Your family is growing and the journey with you and your soon-to-be little one starts now! Even though there are a lot of different styles of maternity photography that we can accomplish for you, one common trend is that we seek to create photos for you that celebrate the advent of your baby, focus on you and your partner's new (or at least expanding) role as a parent, and to freeze that special moment in time when you were closer than ever before.  Before you know it... your baby will be headed to prom and you'll be wondering where the time went.  Aimee and Gary also love to capture the anticipation  that your family is experiencing, waiting for little brother or sister to come along.  It also is a great way to involve your new baby's older siblings, and is a great way to have them participate in this special event.  Maternity photos can also be an AMAZING way to announce the gender of your baby.  Shoots like these are SO FUN and we would LOVE to be involved.

Fresh 48 and Newborn shoots

We offer two different types of newborn photography.  Aimee offers both "Fresh 48" and "Newborn" Sessions.  Gary offers only "Newborn" Sessions.

Fresh 48: After planning with Aimee, she will be "on call" two weeks before and one week after your due date to be able to perform your newborn session.  Fresh 48 sessions are performed within 48 hours of you giving birth or going into labor.  Your session can include tasteful labor and delivery photos, or they can just be of your sweet baby girl or boy after they are born.  Fresh 48 Sessions offer a ton of artistic flexibility which can be tailored to your tastes, and capture your baby in all of their newborn glory.  Fresh 48 sessions typically are less posed, and involve more candid portraiture which is becoming increasingly popular for families to participate in.  A session like this requires that you are close to your photographer, and requires appropriate planning.  Please be certain to contact Aimee as soon as possible once you know that this is the type of session you would like to participate in.

Newborn Photography:  Newborn photography can be performed in-studio or in your home.  Newborn photos should (ideally) take place no later than 10-14 days old.  Advanced poses can be accomplished by having you or your partner by helping to assist with holding baby in place and making sure that their moro reflex doesn't cause them to jolt and fall out of position in any manner that is unsafe.  Through the use of compositing multiple photos in photoshop, we are able to ensure that your baby is posed perfect, and is still safe.

Baby Photography: We have a lot of clients who call us to see if we can still offer "newborn" photography after their newborn is two weeks old.  While there are poses that are limited to newborns who are only a few days old, we certainly can provide you with photographs of your baby.  We might not be able to accomplish all of the poses that we could with a newborn, we still can take some great photos of your little one in their first year of life.



Newborn Milestones program

If you have kids, you already know... the first year can FLY BY!  Our "Milestones Program" allows parents and their newborn to participate in a series of photo shoots that will help them and their family to preserve memories throughout the course of the first year of baby's life.  

Professional photos can be an amazing addition to remembering the amazing moments in your baby's first year of life.  Hiring a professional photographer can be a little overwhelming so frequently during the first year -- until now. Our milestones program offers the following sessions all for one flat, discounted price.

  • Newborn Session.
  • Tummy Time Session.
    Typically around 3-4 Months, your baby will be able to life her/his head and will be able to recognize you and smile at you, albeit briefly.  This is the next major development for your baby, and the photos are nothing short of stunning.  Some babies may not have developed the ability to do this until their 5th month, which is perfectly fine.  Consider implementing your babies favorite blanket or stuffy to add more dimension into the story.
  • Sitting Up Session.
    Babies are all over the place related to this milestone.  6-8 months is generally the timeframe when babies start to be able to sit up, belly laugh, and reach and grab for items that interest them.
  • Standing Up Session.
    Even if it is assisted, such as this cute little guy to the left, a standing up session usually can take place any time between 9-12 months.  Your sweet bundle of joy will be full with expressions, and the photos we can get during this timeframe of your baby's life are EPIC.
  • Cake Smash Session.
    Around 11 months, we recommend having your child participate in a cake smash session.  Unless you want to use your own, we provide a professionally baked cake that is decorated to your specification(s).  Our cake is unique in that it is really easy for your babies to "destroy" and even better, it gets all over the place.

After all of these sessions have been completed, we will compile your images into a gorgeous album that will be a family heirloom that will be preserved not just a lifetime, but for generations to come.  We also provide you with two story books that you can gift to your babies grandparents.