About our Edits and How to Select Them



Before we allow you to download your photos, we ask that you select your edits.  In virtually all instances, you get to keep ALL of the photos from your session, even if it isn't an edited photo.  High resolution, and watermark free.  The link to your gallery is below.  If you just want to enjoy and look at your photos, please login with YOUR OWN email address.  When you're ready to select your edits, follow these simple instructions, logging in with edits@DFP.com

our philosophy

Our editing services revolve around two important values:

1. Help the client to get the result(s) they want.

There's not much our editors can't do.  We can change the color of your clothes, get rid of braces, swap heads, open eyes, take off 20 lbs, fill in hair... you name it, we can probably do it.  Our number one priority is to enhance or amend images to meet your expectations.

2. Create images that make the viewer appreciate only the image, not the edit.  

Overly airbrushed skin, and photos that are mega-saturated in color on non-calibrated monitors are bad!  Our editors are asked to maintain "pore texture" and not give you a "plastic" airbrushed look. They also work with calibrated monitors and top-notch software (more than just photoshop and lightroom) to create the best possible images for our clients.

Two Types of Edits

We have two different service levels related to edits.  There are two types: Retouches and Advanced Edits.

Retouches include the following: blemish removal, stray hair removal, color optimization for print, teeth and eye brightening, temperature adjustment, and exposure adjustment. Retouches are available for $10/photo.  There may be a certain amount of retouches that are included complimentary with your session.

Advanced Edits include everything that would be included within "retouched photos" plus anything else not included outside the scope of what is described as a retouch.  Here are some common advanced edits: head swaps, braces removal, eyeglass glare removal, opening eyes, changing the background, filling in hair, applying advanced actions, changing hair color, composites, adding/removing sun flare... the list goes on and on.  (Our strangest request this year was to extend our clients' socks in a photo).  Even better, we charge per photo produced, not per subject within that photo that needs editing.  For example, if there is a group of 10 people, and 5 of them need their head swapped, the price is the same as if only one person needs a headswap.  The charge per photo for an advanced edit is $20.

Selecting Your Edits

Using the password for your gallery, we ask that you login with the email address edits@dfp.com.  DO NOT EMAIL US AT THIS ADDRESS -- we will not get the email.  When you are logged in as edits@dfp.com, select the photos you want edited by marking them as a "favorite".  Depending upon the type of session you had, your session may include a certain amount of retouches at no charge.  If your session did not include any retouches, or if you want more photos retouched as part of your session fee, they are charged ala carte at $10.00 per photo.

We do not include any advanced edits within our session fees. If you would like any of your photos to go through the advanced edit process, we ask that you fill out our advanced edit form.  Click here to access our advanced edit form.  You need to fill out the form for every advanced edit you want.


steps to request edits

These are the Cliffs Notes on how to select edits.  We offer two service levels: retouching and advanced edits.  Retouches include blemish removal, teeth and eye brightening, stray hair removal, and minor color/temperature adjustment. Anything else, is considered an advanced edit. Retouches are sold ala carte for $10/photo.  Advanced edits are sold for $20/photo.

1. login to your gallery with the email address EDITS@DFP.com.  Don't email us at this address.

2. Mark all of the photos you want edited as a favorite, using the star icon.

3. if the photo you marked as a favorite needs to be an advanced edit, you also need to fill out our advanced edit form. click here to access the form.


The direct link and password to your gallery is included within the email we sent to you.  If you can't find the link, but remember your password, you can click the button below to find a link to our gallery home. They are listed in chronological order, so you might have to scroll a lot if your session was a long time ago.