Downloading Photos

  • We highly recommend downloading all of your photos.

  • When photos are downloaded, the watermark will completely go away.

  • You can download your photos to your phone or your computer. Please note that we do not offer any support related to downloading on your phone, especially iPhones. We recommend that you download photos to your computer instead.

  • If you select more than one photo at a time to be downloaded, our system will compile the images and bundle them into one or more “zip files”. We will then email you (at the email you logged in with - make sure you spelled it right!) a link to download your zip files.

  • Depending upon your operating system on your phone or computer, you may need to download special software such as “WinZip” to decompress these zip files.

  • Multiple ZIP files will be sent if you are downloading more than one (1) GB of data in photos. Zip files are 1 GB or less (each) of data. We do not recommend downloading multiple files over a cellular data connection. WiFi is recommended for people downloading on to their phone.

  • Zip files are sent to the email address you used to login with. Our system has no idea if you spelled your email address correctly or not. Make sure you login with your email address spelled correctly.

  • Your photo package may restrict how many photos you are permitted to download, or may require you use a PIN # to download files. Please reference the email you received when your gallery link was sent to you to see if you’re restricted with how many photos you can download.


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