About Us and About You!


Congrats! If you're reading this, it means that we have successfully received your request for more information about our #dfpREPS program.  You've probably got LOTS of questions wondering WHAT our program is and WHY you should do it.  

Simply put: our "Durango Family Photography Representative" (#dfpREPS) Program is the largest and most sought after Senior Model program in Southwest Colorado and Northwest New Mexico.  The concept is simple -- we photograph local students and show off their photos as part of our portfolio.  Our goal is to let all of your friends see our work, and in turn, hope that they will be inspired to book their Senior Photo session with us.  Our program is fun, and your only job is to have fun being yourself.  You are not required to sell sessions or get referrals for us.  There's a whole lot that goes into our program, but here are some answers to questions that better describe how it works:


    Q: Who should consider becoming one of our #dfpREPS?
    Anyone from the Four Corners area who is part of the Class of 2019. If you and your friends (and new ones you'll meet along the way) are ready to stand-out and have fun in a wide variety of photo shoots (in addition to your Senior Photos), you’re in the right place!  You don’t need any previous experience or a portfolio to apply. We’re looking for young Men and Women from the Durango / Bayfield / Ignacio / Pagosa / Farmington area. If you are currently in high school and are Class of 2019 and love TRAVEL, being FASHION-FORWARD, MEETING new people and love having FUN in front of the camera with MULTIPLE PHOTOGRAPHERS, this team is for you!

    Q: What happens if I become one of the #dfpREPS?
    As one of our #dfpREPS you get to participate in lots of different styled or themed shoots that help us to show off your portfolio to your friends and family.  In exchange for letting us show you off, you get to collaborate with Gary and the DFP team (there's actually 6 of us who work to ensure you have an amazing experience!) and will shoot anything from an edgy Urban-Grunge theme to Country-Chic at no additional cost other than the price of your Senior Photo Session.

    Depending upon the level you join at, you have the opportunity to travel to a variety of destination photo shoots.  We're making MAJOR changes for the Class of 2019, that will allow us to take reps to some awesome places.  This year, we've got Seattle/Portland, San Diego, Chicago, Austin, NYC, and Kona on the short list of places we're thinking about taking you!

    Q: Why else would I want to consider becoming one of the #dfpREPS team?
    Because you'll have a chance to:

    • model the latest fashion-lines by local boutique retailers, 
    • take part in different model and group shoots through out the year, 
    • participate in your own unique senior session that is completely customized to highlight you as a unique individual, 
    • take part in a shootout and be photographed by a couple of the best senior photographers in the country, and much more!

    Q:  What is the cost to become one of the #dfpREPS?
      The #dfpREPS program is a free, limited "Add-On" that is accompanied with the purchase of a Senior Session.  We offer all-inclusive packages that can accommodate any budget.  Even better, we also offer payment plans!  At our informational meeting, we'll review our different packages available to #dfpREPS, their cost, and our payment schedule options.  

    So what's next?

    You and your parents still probably have questions and we'd like to answer them.  We'd love to arrange a meeting with you and at least one of your parents.  Our meetings begin over winter break.  This is strictly an informational meeting where you can meet with Gary and find out more about how the program works and decide if it is right for you.  There is absolutely no obligation to sign up just for meeting with Gary.  Promise!

    Prior to meeting though, we'd like for you to tell us a little bit more about yourself.  Please follow this link: http://www.durangofamilyphotography.com/dfprepsapp
    After you've filled it out, we'll reach out to your mom or dad to arrange a time and place to meet in late December.

    Other stuff you should know!

    • This email address is not monitored.  Please do not reply to this email.  If you need to email us, please email us at durangofamilyphotography@gmail.com
    • Even if you're just curious as to whether or not this is an opportunity you want to pursue, you should still fill out the Introduce Yourself form.
    • Even if you know Gary and you've talked with him already about our #dfpREPS program, we still need you to fill out the introduction form.  Please fill it out ASAP.  We contact our potential reps in the order their applications are received and extend REP offers to them in order of when we meet.  The size of our #dfpREPS model team is limited.
    • Filling out the form does not guarantee or obligate you to be signed on as part of our #dfpREPS crew.