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Our #dfpREPS program is limited to Class of 2019 participants. If you are class of 2020 or later, we will hit you up next year!
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*Please note that your parent/guardian consent is required to participate and can only be granted after they have met with Gary VanDenBerg. You are not obligated to join #dfpREPS Modeling Team by submitting this form. After you have submitted this form, we will be emailing your parent (followed then by a call), so please be sure to inform them that this is something you're interested in considering prior to or immediately after submitting this form. Don't make us blind-side your Mom or Dad! We will set up a time that we can all meet up in person, and discuss the program in detail and answer whatever questions you may have. We should meet at a time when ALL DECISION MAKERS in your household can be present, and your younger siblings can be left at daycare if they require moderate-to-significant attention. After our meeting, if Parent(s) and Student both agree that the #dfpREPS program is right for them, we will then extend an offer to enter into contract outlining services provided by the Durango Family Photography Team and your responsibilities as a Representative of Durango Family Photography. **We may look into your social media life -- if we do, be sure your profiles are public or that you accept our follow/friend request. Please do not direct us to your finsta, if you have one.