Curated Galleries Overview

We don't "cull" our galleries.  We "curate" them!


"To reduce or control the size of"

A "culled" gallery is the way that most photographers present their gallery to you.  On one hand, it totally makes sense.  They might have captured a shot of you rocking a double-chin with your eyes half closed.  On that level, it's a no-brainer as to why that photo should never see the light of day.  BUT... more often than not... there are the subjective photos where you might see a photo of yourself that you LOVE but it isn't my favorite.  Maybe there's a photo of you that you hate but I (or mom, dad, grandma, etc.) love.  

With a culled gallery, you're only getting what your photographer thinks you'll like and want to buy.

"To select, organize, and present (online content, merchandise, information, etc.), typically using professional or expert knowledge."

A "curated" gallery means that I offer you the opportunity to see ALL of your images (either in-person or online) and have a special quick and easy way to let you know and see what my favorite images are.  If you liked the ones I chose for you, then great!  If not, and you still want to check out all of the other photos, I give you the opportunity to do that.  If you found one you love that I didn't select as one of my favorites, EVEN BETTER... that just VALIDATES the fact that 



Why is our way better?

Because you're smart.  You know that although I will be giving you my undivided attention during your consultation, and I'll show you photos along the way as we shoot, it still doesn't make sense for anyone other than YOU to decide for yourself which photos you like of yourself.  Other photographers try to act as if  you're this pathetic, simple-minded creature who needs to be told what you like or at least have your hand held through the entire process.  Reject that nonsense.  You're smarter than that.   Unless you're not... then maybe consider booking with them.

For clients using our lab services, we also offer a private, in-person gallery viewing where we can review your photos with you, and consult you on determining which products and photos would work best for you, your family, and loved ones.